Another message of disgust at the attitude that Bernard Grech is showing toward the intrinsic values of the PN

Dr. Hermann Farrugia is sharing with the readers of this site a message he received from a member of a staunch Nationalist family. This message continues to confirm what is being stated by this site and reflects the sentiment of many staunch Nationalists. In the present circumstances, this family is very dissatisfied and even personally hurt by the quality of professional services and careless attitude that Bernard Grech has shown before becoming PN leader and is continuing to show even after he assumed such an important role.

Shame on you. I know you’re incompetent… But I was not sure that you double-cross too. Now go and sit on the front pews, during our feast celebrations and behave as if you are a saint! And you wanted to tell us that you were part of the Cana Movement?! It is not a coincidence that you (as an advocate) treat separation cases the way you do, as you did with us. Shame on you! How proud I am that I didn’t vote for you!

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