What a shameful game our Deputy Prime Minister is playing.

From a reader of this blog

Chris Fearne is both a medical doctor and a surgeon, yet to my surprise I find it being reported in The Malta Today that our Deputy Prime Minister, who is  responsible also  for the Ministry of Health has asked his ministerial staff to look into our laws to ensure that doctors and medical professionals are able to give care without hindrance;  “The Maltese law should help doctors do their work, and certainly there should be no part of the law that will preclude doctors or professionals from saving lives,”  (Malta Today dated 30h June 2022)

As a physician and a surgeon who has been in practice for the best part of 29 years, why should an American couple’s sour grapes induce Fearne to reply to journalists as mentioned herein? In all frankness, his stand only goes to show how he does not give two hoots about Malta and has completely lost the plot. If being Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Health ministry is too much to cope with, he should be honest enough to give up being responsible for health.

But what is truly jarring in Fearne’s stand is that he has put the cart before the horse.  How come he has not yet demanded a detailed report from the hospital authorities as to how the case regarding Ms. Andrea Prudente’s stay in hospital – from the moment she checked in to the moment she left for Spain – evolved? Would that not have been the logical course to take? First things first!

Once the full report was in his hands, he could then assess the situation and only then decide whether there was a need to put his staff to nitpick our laws simply to accommodate the pro-abortion activists and Brussels. Surely, it is more important to find out what went on in the hospital in order to safeguard all concerned including future patients.

But then I ask myself what really prompted the US couple in question to visit the Mediterranean when Ms. Prudente was in her first months of pregnancy, world airports are in chaos as a consequence of the covid measures in place for more than 24 months plus covid and its variants are still lurking around us in the shadows and in hospitals.  Under such conditions, were I pregnant, I would stay within the comfort zone of my home country and not go traipsing off to the Mediterranean, or anywhere else for that matter, at the risk of a miscarriage and/or needing an abortion. Nobody in his/her right mind would wish to run such a risk if he/she truly wanted the baby. Surely such a holiday could have been postponed until after the baby was born. But then it is precisely this current mood of giving little thought to our responsibilities that, as soon as the going gets rough, with complete insouciance, we blame others and not our own idiotic selves.

Surely during the 29 years spent in his profession as a physician and surgeon, one would have hoped that Fearne had all the time to identify any shortcomings that hindered doctors and medical professionals and would have done something about it? To bring this up just now simply to kowtow to the pro-abortion activists and Brussels is churlish, to say the least.  

Furthermore, it would be interesting to learn just how costly is Mr. Fearn’s decision going to be. No doubt the consultancy fees involved will make somebody happy. However, making his staff delve through the laws when in reality this will be superfluous work for all concerned except for those who pocket the money.

If and I insist on the if, indeed there were any shortcomings in handling the Prudente case these will remain hidden because we prefer not to face facts. Rather a cowardly approach in my books.

The fact remains that if all the necessary procedures and tests were carried out at Mater Dei then there is no problem. But assuming that those tests or let’s say some tests or procedures were overlooked then it would be easier to place the onus on our laws. We simply must never upset our one too many bigwigs.

With his actions, Fearne is mocking the man or woman in the street. But it seems that our Deputy Prime Minister has forgotten how wise and how much more common sense, these people have than bigwigs care to acknowledge.  It is all just too shameful for words.  

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