Bernard Grech’s strategists and Repubblica activists reduced the PN to an NGO.

The following message was left on Facebook by the writer and activist John Spiteri Gingell after the PN strategist, Martina Caruana, wrote a post in favour of introducing abortion in Malta.

A pro-abortion PN will be the very final nail in its coffin. One must be utterly insane to think that a party in opposition to the most ‘progressive’ government this country ever had will make any headway by aping or trying to look more ‘progressive’ than Labour. It is insane and utterly stupid as such a position will only consign the PN to political oblivion more than it is already. The party that suckled on the notions of Religio et Patria is now nothing more than another Soros NGO.

Furthermore, the ignorance is further exposed, by how utterly divorced the PN strategists are from current reality. All across Europe, bottom-up ‘populist’ parties are mushrooming and inevitably will grow – AND WILL ULTIMATELY ASSUME POWER – because when there is nothing substantial to differentiate the traditional parties’ policies, the radical becomes indispensable. Europe is heading towards very difficult times – its people are tired of voting ‘differently’ yet obtaining the same results – one has only to note the growing number of people who no vote.

Besides certain positions are what I call positions of opulence – only decadent societies get worked up about abortion or trans issues – most of the world doesn’t anymore. Not only have such topics gone full circle but are now being viewed from a totally different angle.  There are more immediate and pressing issues to worry about.  As the economy starts to bite, people are too preoccupied with the need to keep their heads above water and will increasingly be viewing these matters as superfluities that should be put on the back burner forever.  

This bimbo who evidently spends half her God-given time on manicures and looking well-groomed understands nothing at all. Just because she went to Harvard (once upon a time a real achievement but no longer nowadays) is insignificant.  She’s just another babe wallowing in a world of let’s pretend.  Bernard Grech would have been better off being counselled by an ‘illiterate’ peasant who tills the land but who has tons of experience. For in days to come, we’ll need more of him and less of her”.

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