Men’s Choice in Abortion

Robert Xuereb Archer

Abortion is not only about a woman’s choice or a child’s right to life. Abortion also involves a man’s choice. This choice is not about what he wants the mother of his unborn child to do, but rather his choice of whether he ejaculates himself in the womb or not. Children do not get conceived without a man’s input, as it were, and a man has as much responsibility in the abortion debate as much as a woman. However, no one seems to want to acknowledge this reality and both men and women seem to never discuss a man’s participation in the abortion debate.

As any elementary biology student can tell you, sexual intercourse and conception require both an ovum from the woman and a sperm from the man. This basic biological reality is never discussed in abortion debates, and it is as if the woman has brought the child into her womb all by herself. As true as it is that the woman bears responsibility for the sexual intercourse which led to her pregnancy, it is also true that the man who had sex with her bears an equal responsibility. For without the man’s sperm, there would not be any baby whose life hangs in the balance of the Pro-Choice Pro-Life argument.

We have heard time and time again that men and women must practice safe sex by using condoms; and thank God for condoms. We also have heard many a time that women ought to take the contraceptive pill; and thank God for the pill. However, we have also heard far too many times that despite these precautions unwanted pregnancies still happen and not to mention the fact that many people also do not make use of contraceptives, for whatever reason. And as lifesaving as abortions may be in certain cases, the majority of abortions are conducted in order to terminate unwanted pregnancies (Briggs 2013; Finer et al, 2005). Therefore, it stands to reason that men have their role to play in ensuring that unwanted pregnancies are avoided as much as possible. But how??

As effective as contraceptives are they are not infallible and cases of them failing, although rare, do happen. Furthermore, it is also the case that certain individuals cannot, or do not want to, make use of contraception for whatever reason. What remains is how a man handles his climactic moment between the sheets. No matter how irresistible his partner may be, he controls where he ejaculates himself. And if a man or his partner is not ready, willing, or able to have a child he should never ejaculate himself into a woman’s womb.

Not getting pregnant is a woman’s right and responsibility, but not making a woman pregnant is a man’s right and responsibility as well. It is ridiculous and disgusting to hear men, and many women too, talk about pregnancy as if it is solely the woman’s fault. If you are a man enough to get down with a lady, then you must bear your responsibility as a man. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t want to have children, you should be responsible and not disseminate your genetic material into a womb.

It is also a fact that if you are a woman that does not want to have children, you must inform your sexual partner that he is not allowed to ejaculate into your womb. Doing so is within your power, as a woman, and as a sovereign individual, and you should not be afraid to tell any man not to ejaculate into your womb should you not want children at the time. After all, individual choice is at the heart of the Pro-Choice movement and if you want to have the right to choose to have abortions, then you have to bear the responsibility to ensure that men don’t ejaculate into your womb. Women shall always have to bear the heaviest consequences of poor sexual choices, so choosing your sexual partners wisely is essential.

Finally, for all those of you men who want to bake their cakes and eat them, there is a solution for you as well. Vasectomy is a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen. It’s done by cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm via a simple and straightforward procedure. Vasectomy has a low risk of problems and can usually be performed in an outpatient setting in about 15 minutes via local anaesthesia. Furthermore, this procedure is generally reversible, so should you eventually want to have children you still can. This is because a Vasectomy is NOT the same as castration, so you will still get to keep your family jewels whilst playing with them as much as you want.

It is preposterous that whenever an abortion debate is going on, men’s responsibility is never involved in the discussion. If a man wants to enjoy all the wonders and pleasures of sex, then he must bear the responsibility of where he ejaculates. If you are a woman, remember that you have every right and responsibility to not allow a man to ejaculate into your womb if you don’t want children at the time. If you are a man, remember that you have as much responsibility in the result of the sexual moments as your partner. There are many other deeply satisfying climaxes that you can both deeply enjoy together. Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, it is undeniable that unwanted pregnancies begin with sex, and it is time we start treating sex with the responsibility it demands.  

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