The case of the US couple: was a proper inquiry and relevant medical tests done by our Health Authorities?

We are now told that the American couple, who claimed to have lost their baby while on holiday in Malta is going to sue Government. What needs to be asked is whether all the necessary tests were carried out in hospital?

We do have the habit of boasting that we have the best health service in Europe, when up comes a case like this and an outsider comes on the scene and we allow everything to go by without even asking for an internal investigation so that we can find out what precisely happened and whether this was an orchestrated case deliberately planned or not. And now we get to know that she is going to sue for damages on the assumption that she could have caught an infection.

For many more trivial cases, the Dept. of Health orders an immediate internal investigation. Yet now after having been mouthed across the world that we have our very own ‘NHS’ which is bad, nobody bats an eye.  The medical profession has been attacked and Government says nothing. The health services have been put in a bad light and not even the Doctors’ Union has spoken.

This site has been told that there are methods whereby a pregnant mother takes pills that bring on the type of miscarriage as the one that has been reported in the media concerning this American woman.  These are efficacious hormonal pills taken in the first three months of pregnancy.  This site is not claiming that this woman took these pills but is asking whether anyone asked that a blood test be taken to ascertain that no such pill had been taken, particularly in consideration of the case in question.  Moreover, this is an important point, in view of the fact that this woman is now going to sue the State.

On this point, the liberal media has not asked any questions just as long as this couple obfuscates our country’s health service.  Not even the Minister of Health who usually comes out to talk even when a fly enters hospital has not commented.  Obviously, his interest at present lies in the post he would like in the EU, and should he speak up whatever his stand could be, will be used against him when he is grilled for the job of EU Health commissioner.

The more I hear about the case, the more I believe it is important that every detail is gathered and if an inquiry is necessary and should the necessary tests not have been carried out, then the Department of Health has to explain why these tests were not made.  May I remind the reader that the Department of Health carries out investigations on much more minor issues and runs tests on many issues.  The impression cannot prevail that in this case everything was allowed to go on as normal.

It is important that we are given the whole chronology of how the clinical facts occurred since this has now become a public case and to top it all, our taxes are also going to be involved.

Therefore, it is important that all points are rendered public so that it is proven that all was carried out correctly.

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