Various factors that are bringing about the collapse of our food supply

Marika Micallef

A few days ago, the Finance Minister had to admit what this site had been stating for a long time that the world is going to face a food crisis and that this food crisis will lead to famine.

There is so much going on with the demolition of our food supply.  

UK News reports that “UK farmers can’t afford to plant crops for next season due to rocketing fuel and fertiliser costs.” Liberal Democrat MP Helen Morgan said: “I have been contacted by several farmers in my constituency of North Shropshire explaining that because fertiliser and fuel costs are rocketing so quickly, they may not be able to afford to plant for next season.”[1]

The greenhouses in UK are also now empty.  According to Reuters, enormous glasshouses stand vacant because their owner cannot afford to utilize heat to cultivate cucumbers for the domestic market. After a rise in natural gas costs that was compounded by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made the crops commercially unviable, growers in other parts of the country likewise chose not to sow peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes.[2]

Thousands of pigs are being slaughtered because, according to ABC Rural, Japanese encephalitis was detected in 30 New South Wales piggeries, thus making pork supply plunge.[3]

Fish are also being killed because of an outbreak of a natural occurring bacteria called Lactococcus petauri.[4]

According to industry-commissioned research seen by the Guardian, Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to satisfy its new, legally mandated climate emission objectives.  Following the passing of the nation’s first climate law, which mandates that the agricultural industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and cut methane emissions by nearly 50% during the same time frame, there has been a significant decrease in the number of farm animals.[5]

The Guardian also publishes two articles related to the Avian flu in birds, one in US and one in UK. In the US, Rembrandt Enterprises, an egg factory has roasted alive 5.3 million chickens in an avian flu cull. The factory then fired almost every worker.[6]  The Independent UK reported that more than 37 million chickens and turkeys have been slaughtered because of an explosion of bird because the federal government has advised farms to cull entire flocks even if one bird tests positive for the avian flu.[7]

In the UK avian flu is also on the rise but the query is whether chickens raised privately in the back garden by individual citizens are to blame.[8]  Will UK now impose the culling of these chickens, thus prohibiting citizens from rearing their own chickens? Isn’t this all part of the propaganda so that humanity becomes dependent on a manipulated and engineered toxic food system?

The Daily Mail also reported that health chiefs have detected UK’s first human case of deadly bird flu strain in Southwest England amid fears thousands more animals will have to be culled as ‘biggest ever’ outbreak sweeps country.[9]

Thousands of cattle were also reported dead because of the “blazing heat wave”.[10]

The Western Standard also reported that this disruption in the food supply was magnified by a string of destroyed food processing facilities, which “coincidentally” took fire in a span of a few weeks.[11]

Rail shipments of grains are also being inhibited so that livestock will not be fed and thus depriving people of meat.[12]

The media tells us that the Russians are using food as a quiet weapon in the war against Ukraine[13]. German chancellor Scholz also fears a global hunger crisis from the Ukraine war.[14]

All the run-up and food prices and problems that the world is already facing is just the bare bones warm up to the real food crisis ahead. This engineered food crisis seems to be in the cards so that it is used to usher in the total transformation of food. The time has come to do an honest assessment of how we became so dependent on such deeply toxic, self-destructive systems, practices, and industries, while resolving to better discern and divorce ourselves from them for the rest of our existence.

But then, in Malta, people are not foretold by their government about these changes. It is now that citizens are being informed of these changes once the election is over.












[12] Shipping industry disruption trends and the impact on insurance – COVER Magazine



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