Jason Azzopardi has to decide whether he sides with Maria Efimova or Jonathan Ferris

Two weeks ago, Jason Azzopardi wrote a post regarding what Joe Giglio had to say about Maria Efimova during an interview on Radio. In his post, Azzopardi wrote that the Nationalist Party is backing criminals and the corrupt.  This was stated after Giglio said that he has serious reservations concerning Maria Efimova’s credibility.  In that interview Giglio mentioned the good work carried out by the Inspectors of Police and that in his opinion they have done their job with rectitude.  Giglio declared that he personally knows the members of the police corps and virtually said that he would vouch for them and they do not have the characteristics to have done what Efimova mentioned and they did their job thoroughly. He also indicated that he would believe these police officers and not what Efimova said about them. 

Among these police officers mentioned by Joe Giglio, there is former police inspector Jonathan Ferris who, while in the police force, had worked on the case.  I remind you that Jonathan Ferris had stated, at the time, that Maria Efimova had lied about him. So is Jason Azzopardi saying that Joe Giglio should have attacked the Commissioner of Police and those members in the police corps who had been investigating Maria Efimova, including Jonathan Ferris?  Am I understanding correctly that Azzopardi is now admitting that he is defending criminals because Maria Efimova had attacked Jonathan Ferris?  Finally, Jonathan Ferris was Azzopardi’s main canvasser during the last election campaign. 

In other words, is Azzopardi actually telling us that Giglio should have spoken against those Inspectors who worked on the case? It is to be noted that Jonathan Ferris is Jason Azzopardi’s client in the ongoing case.  Therefore, here we are going to see whether we understand Jason Azzopardi correctly. Therefore, is Jason Azzopardi stating that his client Jonathan Ferris is a liar, corrupt and abused Maria Efimova?    

Let us be clear. When Giglio mentioned that he knows well those members of the police corps who worked on the case he was defending them, and above he was also defending Jonathan Ferris.  Therefore, in this narrative Jason Azzopardi must decide who is the client he is going to defend and whom he should choose as his political canvassers.  He has to differentiate between Efimova and Ferris.  He has to decide which of the two is credible.  He has to be clear.  He simply cannot believe both individuals who are presenting two different and contradictory aspects.

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