All set for Deputy Commissioner Alexandra Mamo to lose her job in the Police Force because of the Iosif Galea scandal.

This site is informed that all is in place for Deputy Commissioner Alexandra Mamo to be made to bear full responsibility for failing to arrest Iosif Galea. Over a year ago, Germany had issued a warrant of arrest against Iosif Galea but this was never executed by the Malta Police. Not only was Iosif Galea not arrested, but he was even allowed to travel out of Malta. In fact, he was arrested while on a short holiday in Italy with a group that also included the former Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat.

After the this news item appeared in The Times of Malta, the former Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi, posted a long commentary on his Facebook page. Here is what he wrote:

Memo to the Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner Mamo:

Take a look, you have no shame of the Lord who created you. To protect your skin and cover up your collusion with Castile and with Joseph Muscat in order that Iosif Galea avoid being brought to justice (because I know that you now that Galea has incriminating information on Muscat and his gang, amongst whom are ministers, former ministers and former heads of secretariats) and you now pin all on the Inspector who has to go before the PSC.

When this Inspector was the one who informed your Sirene Bureau ten days before Iosif Galea travelled in order to warn you that there was an alert out in his name.

You no longer get embarrassed, you cheaters.

Beware that I am not the only one to know what information Galea has on those persons you want to protect.

And since I do not owe anybody anything and I am not compromised, I can talk loud and clear without fear. 

If you wish, sue me for libel. Today. So that people get to know why you want to protect Galea and you wanted to make fools of the Germans.

Change the Corps’ motto

Instead of Domine derige nos  change it to Cupiditas derige nos

(The Lord guide us has to be  changed to Avarice guides us).

It is clear that Azzopardi has turned his guns on the Commissioner of Police Angelo Gafa’ and the Deputy Police Commissioner Alexandra Mamo. This time, Azzopardi referred to what he believes Iosif Galea knows about Joseph Muscat and other former ministers. Always according to Azzopardi, Galea has incriminating information on them.   

This post is one of the many that may be considered Jason Azzopardi’s declaration of war against Angelo Gafa’ and Alexandra Mamo. His intention to hit out at Alexandra Mamo seems to be bearing fruit as she is going to be made the  scapegoat. Pressure is mounting on her to resign. In the coming days, she will either have to leave the Police Force or else she will be forced to resign.

But as I had the opportunity to comment in another blog, on this subject, what does Jason Azzopardi mean by writing that he does not owe anybody anything?

One has to remember that when Gafa’ and Mamo were promoted, neither the activist group Repubblika nor the Nationalist Party opposed these appointments. Instead, they accepted the choice. Now they have changed their tune and Alexandra Mamo is one of their targets.

What can be added is that, in the past, Jason Azzopardi and Alexandra Mamo were best of friends. Therefore, Azzopardi’s  change in attitude makes one wonder whether there is lightening between them.

Thus, I will reaffirm what I have written in the past on this topic. Perhaps, here, the new establishment within the National Party, which is not that new to the political scene, has to keep away from this episode. I do believe that by so doing, it will be doing the right thing. 

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