The case of Josif Galea: why had he to be arrested precisely when he was travelling with the former Prime Minister of Malta and not before?

From a reader of this blog.

Sunday’s main news item told us that Josif Galea had been arrested in Italy while there on holiday with a group that also had the former PM of Malta Joseph Muscat. Such a news item raises many questions. 

The first question regards the friends Joseph Muscat had or has. It does reflect well on the former PM of Malta to be travelling overseas with a group of travellers and one of them is arrested because of an international arrest warrant. Therefore, one must ask the police why did they never warn Joseph Muscat to be careful with whom he met?

We then have the second factor regarding the individual against whom an international arrest warrant was issued 18 months ago. Why did the Malta Police under Gafa’, who was honoured by a foreign state for his work against criminality, never consider arresting Galea? I cannot accept that Gafa’ was not aware of this international arrest warrant requested by Germany. Normally, this happens because there is somebody either in Malta or even overseas who has an interest to ensure that the international arrest warrant is not enforced.    

There is then the third factor. We get to know that Josif Galea has gone abroad many times. Is it possible that the Italian authorities decided to arrest him while he was on a trip in a group in which we find the former Prime Minister of Malta. This is very strange indeed. Why did they not arrest Galea before, when he left the island many a time before?

Whatever the case in this news item, I agree with what David Casa has written hereunder translated:

Despite a European Arrest Warrant being issued in the name of Maltese Josif Galea, the Malta Police allowed him to travel out of Malta without any problems so much so that Galea was arrested in Italy. The Malta Police must reply to the Times of Malta and explain their shortcomings. If the Police continues to keep silent and carries on covering-up they will continuously harming Malta’s reputation 

Why did the Malta Police never arrest him if there was an arrest warrant from Germany, an EU country? Who was putting spokes in the wheels in order for this arrest was not executed?  Was it the Malta’s police force and that of Germany who had an interest not to execute this international warrant?

Is it possible that Mr Josif Galea was not aware of the warrant? If he did know, how on earth did he dare risk travelling overseas knowing full well that at any country’s Arrival desk in the EU, he certainly could be stopped because the same scrutiny takes place when one leaves the country?

We know that Galea travelled abroad more than once.

With what arrogance was he so convinced he was untouchable, never to be arrested that he even travelled with the former Maltese Prime Minister!

Since Galea travelled so many times he must have been checked at the Departure desk at MIA. Is it possible that the Boarding control system never picked up his name?

The Authorities must give us replies.

Had we been living in a normal country, someone would have already resigned or perhaps more than one would have resigned!

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