Judge Emeritus Quintano has met the European Parliamentary Commission that has come to Malta to inspect Malta’s rule of Law

This site has been informed that Judge Emeritus Lawrence Quintano met with the Commission sent over from the European Parliament to investigate corruption and the rule of law.

Lawrence Quintano is Chairman of the Commission that works against corruption. This is a commission that has no financial resources. It was always so, even when, before him, there was Yana Micallef Stafrace and before her, there was former Judge Albert Manche now deceased.  

One can understand why we fail international scrutiny. In fact, yesterday a commission comprising six MEPs from the European Parliament arrived in Malta to follow up matters concerning civil liberties. They came here to assess ongoing investigations, judicial cases and even the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

One can only hope that when assessing those accused, they will bear in mind that the accused have not yet faced trial by jury and what we know so far is only what the police authorities have said to date; making it very obvious that their evidence is one complete mess. Those accused have yet to give evidence.  

I trust that the commission has asked the Caruana Galizias about the lies that for months and months they have been spreading; including those lies that they have been perpetrating that I am apparently in league with the mafia!

This is a short two-day visit when the commission will take stock of the Malta’s situation vis–à-vis the Rule of Law.

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