From her discourse in Parliament in support of fathers goes to show that Rosianne Cutajar’s has shown she is her own maste

Blog post by Hermann Farrugia

I wish to congratulate Rosianne Cutajar, the MP who took the initiative to defend fathers who, in our courts, are being discriminated through the sentences handed down. While I may not share all her views, particularly that regarding abortion, she is nevertheless absolutely right in her stand concerning the discriminatory attitude fathers are facing in our courts simply because they are men. They face serious problems when trying to meet their minor children. 

It is a well-known fact, confirmed also by many lawyers working in Family Court, that fathers are facing serious problems to meet their children or to one day be given their custody particularly when the mother is incapable of bringing up children and is actually the cause of the family split.

What Rosianne Cutajar is asking is that in Family Court, men and women are treated as equals and given shared-parenting. Following her discourse in parliament, Rosianne Cutujar was praised by the Alienated Fathers’ Group, specifically created to assist those fathers who are being denied access to their children.

Today, Rosianne Cutajar is a ray of hope for many who feel powerless before our courts. If ever there was any doubt regarding her position as a dynamic, free and effective member of Parliament that doubt has been removed. This the sacred truth, whatever certain members of the European Council said when they rose up in arms against her using their pernicious vocabulary.

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