Chi entra papa in conclave, esce cardinale

The mainstream media reported that Mario Grech is being mentioned as a potential successor to Pope Francis. It is being said that he a good choice, a middle man between the conservatives and the radicals. But as an old Roman saying goes, Chi entra papa in conclave, esce cardinale – or who enters as pope in a conclave, comes out cardinal. The only time when this did not happen was in the election of Eugenio Pacelli in 1939. The rumours were that Pacelli would become pope and this is what happened. He became Pope Pius XII.

2 thoughts on “Chi entra papa in conclave, esce cardinale

  1. Ghara kieku xi grazzja kbira tkun messittna go din in naqra Gzira fil Mediterran. L’Eminenzza tieghu Kardinal Grech ghandu il kwalitajiet kollha biex ikun is successur ta Pietru.

  2. Sinjur ALLA ,,nitolbok , ghati lil din il GZIRA ckejkna taghna il GZIRA ta SAN
    PAWL, il GRAZZJA li il KARDINAL GHAWDXI MARIO GRECH jsir il PAPA. Nemmen li kull MALTI u GHAWDXI qieghdin jitolbok bhali.

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