Europe Day’ 22: Marine Le Pen defends Malta’s sovereign rights

International Commentary by Dr Hermann Farrugia

On Europe Day ’22, which was celebrated two days ago, Le Pen exhorts President Macron not to fidget about attempting to usurp the long acquired Self-Determination of the “Sovereign Nations of Europe.” This has a direct relevance to Malta’s rights in Europe.

On May 9, the people of Europe commemorated rather than celebrated Europe Day. Yet at the close of the European Parliament’s convened Think-Tank Session on ‘The Future of Europe’, defeated presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, representing her Far-Right Rassemblement Nationale, deemed fit to vehemently attack her now all time rival, President Emmanuel Macron.

She accused the freshly reconfirmed President of the Republic of France, who is currently completing his turn at the helm of the French Presidency of the European Council, that he is subjugating himself to the desires of Mrs Von Der Leyen. She claimed that this is happening by both, together, continuing in their fixation of imposing the notion of a Federalist European Union.

Le Pen went on to quash their ‘headlong rush that the People of the Nations of Europe do not want to accept let alone partake of. Marine Le Pen emphasized yesterday that the role of the President of the French Republic is to be the guarantor of the sovereignty of France and he must earnestly and stoically defend it.

Later, on that same day, Marine Le Pen felt disgusted at the way Emmanuel Macron for a third successive time and ‘in his recidivist mode of denigrating the honour of and to his Homeland, still replaced the French tricolor with the flag-symbol of the European Union at the Arc de Triomphe National Monument which is the seal of the Eternal Flame to the fallen unknown French Soldier.

She added that this was in poor civic style and in clear defiance of the French Constitution and the History of France. To completely nail in her point, Marine Le Pen went on to assert that she would never accept the unacceptable!

“Let’s not allow Emmanuel Macron have a second successive hands free mandate”.

Finally Marine Le Pen completed her round of tweets on Europe Day by lance-firing her final warning shot:

“Emmanuel Macron declared himself today favourable to the end of unanimous voting within the European Union, that is to say Macron is putting an end to the sovereignty of the Member States, which will no longer be able to oppose a policy that they consider contrary to their very own domestic interests.”

Macron ought not continue to play bully in-tandem with Germany by intimidating smaller even miniscule European Union Member States as is Malta by endeavouring to downsize the weight of their voting preferences as to date solemnly guaranteed in the established texts, protocols and treaties currently still governing the uniformly just and equitable functioning of our European Union.

President Macron would better watch it and put a break to his clear intentions of messing about manipulatively with the sacrosanct sovereignty and shared political Influence that small yet smart nations as Malta have strived for, nurtured and progressively full-well enjoyed ever since our country’s accession as full member of the European Union way back on 1st May 2004.

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