Russia celebrates Victory Day

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Yesterday, Russia celebrated Victory Day – commemorating the victory over Nazi Germany in WWII, in that titanic battle known in Russia as the ‘Great Patriotic War’.

Nazi Germany was decisively brought to its knees and ultimately beaten on the Eastern front – it is there that at least 80% of the Nazi war machine met its end. Hitler’s launch of operation Barbarossa – the code name for Germany’s invasion of the USSR unleashed a war like no other – an existential total war – that we can barely imagine – it only suffices to say that in this war although the USSR lost over 27,000,000 people and had over 25,000 cities, towns and villages literally wiped off the map – the Russian and satellite states still found it within themselves to withstand the onslaught of what was the world’s most fearsome war machine and ultimately defeat it unconditionally. Any other portrayal of history is simply Hollywood propaganda, and this history is actively being tried to be rewritten. The scale of the battles in the East was simply gargantuan and had no parallel elsewhere either in scale or viciousness.

It is not an understatement to state that literally every Russian family lost at least one direct relative in that titanic struggle.

This is extremely important to understand – not least in understanding the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

In Russia, the term Nazi is not a label bandied about casually (and thereby devaluing it of its true meaning) as an ad hominem every time someone wants to get one over the other – the argument being anything from whether one is against transgender rights or illegal immigration as we have sadly habitually been reduced to in the West – no in Russia, the word Nazi has a very specific meaning – it literally means someone who upholds Nazi ideology (the word fascist is used more liberally – but the word Nazi is used very rarely and very selectively).

So when the Russians say they want to denazify Ukraine – they mean it in the most literal understanding of the word. It has now become fashionable for Western media to tell us – that if there are any Nazis in Ukraine – they are an insignificant force – it is another untruth – a lie stated either through ignorance or worse deliberately manufactured to mislead. Note how they only mention the ‘Azov’ battalion when speaking about bona fide Nazis. But Azov is not the only Neo-Nazi para-military force in Ukraine today – there are other battalions – including but not restricted to the Aidar and Donbass battalions among others. The Nazi inspired forces number around 100,000 or a third of the total Ukrainian front-line fighting forces. The western media also tells us that the Nazis don’t enjoy any say in parliament – conveniently omitting to state that they do not need to – since they de facto control the intelligence services, the ministry of the interior, and the armed forces. In Ukraine, anyone – and I mean anyone – including negotiators, MPs, and prominent figures who disagree with them are simply assassinated or disappeared.

When you have such power and impunity – you don’t need to waste time with parliament.

A second thing I wanted to mention is the confusion – due to the lack of education in anything other than that which is self-centric in confounding the USSR with modern Russia. In the videos you will see below – you will see a lot of Russians holding ‘communist’ flags – but these are not on display because of some nostalgia for the ideology of Marxism and Leninism – They hold them for two reasons – the least important is that Russia is indeed the successor state to the USSR – and thereby Russians consider USSR history – both good and bad as their own – but more importantly you will see Russians holding copies of ‘victory banners’ – that is the banner of the 150th Rifle, Order of Kutuzov 2nd class, Idritsa Division, 79th Rifle Corps, 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front – that was placed on the Reichstag the day Adolf Hitler committed suicide. It is a military and commemorative banner rather than an ideological one – it’s rather like when we put up the flags of the Order of St. John rather than our own national flag.

Anyhow we were told that the sanctions that we imposed and weapons we are sending to the Ukraine will bring Putin down, totally misunderstanding both Russian history and culture in the process:

Here’s over a million persons who descended in Moscow to not only give their support to keep alive the memory and efforts of their ancestors who fought Nazism the last time round but also the troops engaged in the Ukraine doing the same today again:

And here’s a video providing a very neat summary of similar events held all over Russia from the Arctic to the Caucasus. If there are those who still entertain the hope that Putin is about to fall and Russia is about to starve then forget it – you see Putin ‘gets’ his people – we do not.

And it is not only Putin bots going out to celebrate the victory day over Nazism but also elsewhere such as Serbia:

and even in Estonia – where Russian speakers (in the democratic EU) are considered second rate citizens – despite all the official and unoffical threats have emerged in force to honour those who laid their lives in the fight against Nazism:

Even in Mariupol – you know the place where the ‘heroic resistance’ is going on – Victory day was freely celebrated unlike the years preceding it – when it was banned.

Why can’t we accept that Russians want to live among their own?

The only place where the victory against Nazism is not being celebrated – seems to be in the West – not only are we trying to desperately rewrite history – but we now seem to actively to rehabilitate Naizsm and support it.

In Poland in an act of utter shame, for it is only at this level that we seem to be capable to still act – Polish and Ukrainian protestors attacked the Russian ambassador for having the the temerity to try to lay flowers at the foot of the monument of all those Russian soldiers who lost their lives in the that war.

Perhaps – the Poles should have been allowed to live under the Nazi yoke instead.

Whilst in the Ukraine they surpassed themselves again – on the day that Russians commemorate their victory (and it should be ours too) against Nazism – the Ukranian president glorified once again, on his official account Nazis fighting in the ranks of the Ukranian armed forces (it is very important here to show the histoical parallels – in Nazi Germany there was the Wermacht – i.e. the regular army made up of regular conscripts and soldiers and the SS – the ideological paramilitaries and ultimately main offensive force) – showing among the defenders one wearing the insignia of the SS division Totenkompf – something that his Jewish brethren must be surely be proud of. The post has since been deleted – but nothing is ever forgotten on the internet and everything is archived.

No doubt Western media will omit it – as it has omitted many Nazi crimes for the past eight years that Ukrainian Nazis have been shelling civilians for the simple fact they consider themselves Russians.

Apparently Macron told Ukraine yesterday that it’s accession to the EU will last years – perhaps the Ukrainians will finally understand that their only use to West is as cannon fodder in our proxy war against Russia.

Forget all the propaganda we are being marinated in – we are going to lose this one too because for us it is all a TV show (until the prices really bite). For the Russians, as you can see, it means so much else.

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