A skeleton in the cupboard of a political leader

Commentary by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

Undertaking the political risk of selecting or confirming a party leader with a potential ‘SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD’ doesn’t solely apply to one who might have been through some hitherto obscure shady, fishy or possibly sinister episode in his private or professional past.

Incidentally, it’s my view that this exact crafty idiom ought similarly refer to any vastly ego-centred contendant who would choose to impulsively surprise followers with grossly unmeasured tactless discourses, unpredictable self-contradictory statements and overtly divisive stances.

In fact such intimidating rhetoric coupled with repeat inconsistencies inevitably manage to spur-on conflict and unrest as well as loss of personal esteem and credibility. It’s indeed a pity that such diversionary tones are being adopted rather than using mature political Language which endeavours to inculcate unifying reason, inner entente and harmony among evident party factions.

Instead, with such discourses, the party factions are becoming even deeper.

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