Two persons ended up in hospital with pulmonary edema and a breast lump: these developed after taking the vaccine

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A niece tells the experience of her aunt after taking the two doses of the Covid-19 experimental vaccine:

[My aunt got so sick after taking the second dose that she did not take the third. Let’s go back to a few months when she started feeling breathless. We took her to the hospital, and they found she has pulmonary edema. In the meantime, they did a CT scan where they found a lump in her breast which was not there before taking the vaccine. Christmas passed and this week we took her again to the hospital because she started becoming breathless again and again. It was found out that her lungs were filled with water. This time, they took a biopsy from her breast, and we are now awaiting the results. This time around, in the same ward as my aunt, there happened to be a younger woman who was in the same situation. So, do they want to make us swallow that all this is not from all the stuff which you gave her? Did you think we are stupid and naïve?]

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