Those allergic to certain medicines should check about the negative bodily reaction that the anti-Covid vaccination may cause to their bodies

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The following post not only recounts an experience of a woman who suffered from an allergic adverse reaction to the covid-19 vaccine, but the author of this post also questions what will happen to her since she is also allergic to certain kinds of medications.

I am sure that since the health authorities are the experts who trust science blindly, can they give an answer to such questions that the person below is asking?

[This has happened to a friend of mine, and I copied and pasted it with her consent.

Now unfortunately I am allergic to NSAIDS like her. What will become of me? What guarantee do I have that this does not happen to me?

As I am allergic to Catafast or Voltaren, after four hours, the Covid injection started to have an adverse effect on me to the extent that I ended up on the drip. They gave me a lot of injections. I even ended up hardly being able to breathe. I was losing consciousness and ended up very badly. My body ended up all covered with rash and pimples. I don’t know. The fourth one is out, and they tell you that you must take it. They can bring one million boosters because I will never step my foot in there again. If it wasn’t for myself that ran to seek help, they would have surely killed me with the booster. Should I trust my life in their hands now? I am still not fed up with my life and I have a daughter to raise and take care of. Let alone putting my foot in there again!]

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