The electorate voted even more for men because of the gender quotas

Blog post by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

The gender quotas are inevitably a contre-coup or better still a self-inflicted electoral lashing. In the name of Gender equality and of what, all too many have termed ‘positive discrimination’, our 14th Parliament, whose ultimate setup is now in the final process of being anomalously STRUCTURALLY ENGINEERED, has sustained a totally inevitable contre-coup incursion. Essentially it shall be an artificially hyperinflated House of Representatives to which a good half dozen of otherwise perfectly electable lady party-candidates were denied immediate natural entry by probably getting sidelined at the level of the subconscious of the general electorate.

It’s amply clear how near dramatically last Saturday, Maltese women got spontaneously underrepresented in the next legislature. Paradoxically this arose because of the supposedly corrective yet inherently perverse gender-gap contrapture that vastly misfired in thousands of electors’ minds and hearts. So many thousands genuinely made themselves believe that their voting preference ought be male-candidate oriented to partially offset the fact that the ladies would in turn ultimately receive their meritorious fair share of parliamentary representation through this fresh but cardinally deviant constitutional mechanism.

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