Dr. Fearne refuses to reassure non-boosted citizens against unemployment

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A citizen who has been stopped from going to work and put on unpaid leave because he refused to take the booster sent a personal message to Dr. Fearne on his Facebook page asking him whether the votes of his non-vaccinated family are valid since none of the family members took the booster. The screenshot shows Dr. Fearne’s reply. Fearne’s reply exposes the double standards and hypocrisy of our Minister of “Health”:

[Onorevoli, I salute you. I would like to ask if my vote and that of the rest of my family are valid since I did not take the booster. Thank you.

Dr. Fearne: The vote has nothing to do with the booster.

So, what has it to do with employment? Because as from 1st of February, I cannot go to work because I did not take the booster! And I am forced on unpaid leave. Is this fair?

Dr. Fearne: It won’t be long since we go back to normal. In a pandemic, it is our responsibility to protect the people.]

Dear Dr. Fearne, from what are you protecting the citizens?  Surely, you are not protecting the citizens from unemployment.  What does your reply mean exactly? Even a day is long for all those who are being denied work simply because they refuse to take the booster. Why don’t you issue a statement that non-boosted citizens should be allowed to work and that employers have no right in discriminating against boosted, vaccinated and non-vaccinated? Denying a citizen employment based on a medical decision is a big crime against those citizens who refuse to take the jab.

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