A person recounts how his brother got paralyzed after taking the Moderna booster

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The following screenshot shows a conversation about two friends whereby one relates how his brother became paralyzed after taking the booster.

[Friend: We have mentioned you a lot this week in hospital.

Me:  Why?

Friend: My brother took the Moderna booster and ended up paralysed.

Me: But how do you know that it was caused by the injection?

Friend:  Because since he took it, his health started deteriorating until he ended up paralysed in hospital.

Me:  And now?

Friend:  They have released him and sent him home. And when we told them that it is from the booster, they were so vicious and told us not to utter stupidities. I am surely not voting because of this.

Me:  The vote has nothing to do with it. Share it on Facebook so more people will become aware. At least, you help others.

Friend: How often we used to say “But he doesn’t understand a thing. Is he knowledgeable about everything? Does he think he is a professor…” you were right.

Me: Leave the righteousness aside for now. Share because if I put up the post, the conclusion is that I am a Nationalist. If I post something in favour of the government, then I am a Labour.]

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