Abela confirms the possibility of gas shortage supply but what about a spike in fuel prices?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Robert Abela has confirmed the possibility that Malta may be hit by gas shortages like the rest of Europe is.  In fact, The Times of Malta reported that:

Malta is facing a problem sourcing LPG, the type of gas used to light heaters and run ovens, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Tuesday

The shortage is the result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Abela said the government is working on identifying solutions to this and other issues stemming from the war.  

Just this morning I was told by an importer of difficulties they are facing in sourcing gas,” Abela said.[1]

Malta Today also confirmed what this site has published much before – that Malta is facing a household gas shortage because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[2]

This comment from Abela has sparked panic buying, with the sale of gas cylinders doubling, according to Liquigas Malta sources.  However, Times of Malta, in another article stated that Liquigas Malta insisted that “there was no reason to panic, reiterating a statement it issued on Tuesday evening saying that supply was sufficient and guaranteed” because “it had secured supplies of LPG to meet the demand for the foreseeable future” “thanks to the support of SHV Energy, a Dutch company shareholder of Liquigas Malta, which is a global leader in the distribution of LPG across over 25 countries worldwide” adding that the “LPG supplied by Liquigas was not from Russia.”[3]

In the same article, the Times of Malta, also wrote that Abela had stated that “Malta has the security of supply guaranteed for months.”

What can be said for sure, is that this “war” will bring an increase in the prices of petrol and food, while food shortages are already round the corner.  Can Abela clarify whether fuel prices will be raised?

Foreign media is already reporting that petrol and diesel prices reach a record high.[4]  BBC stated that “The price of fuel at the pump has risen with petrol at 148.02p a litre and diesel at 151.57p.”

Napoli Piu has reported that the rise in fuel prices has brought the whole sector to its knees, road hauliers stop and Italy is paralysed.[5] It wrote:

“The prices of petrol and diesel continue to rise, reaching as much as € 2.50 per litre. An unsustainable situation for anyone, even more so for those forced to use means of transport for work. The news arrives today that the hauliers have decided to stop, a block due precisely to the increase in fuel prices.”

This last post on a Facebook page sums the reality:

All this is giving situations where in cold countries many poor will not use heating, and will suffer, if not die. Others won’t afford to have the car for work or afford fuel so they will find themselves facing losing their jobs and income. Others will have a more difficult life travelling by trains with higher prices. Truck deliveries will be raised and so will the food in supermarkets.

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