Alfred Degiorgio, known as il-fulu, was knifed in a prison fight: and Minster Bjorn Camilleri is playing the harp!

Do you recall the photograph published on this site showing the arms Mr Alex Dalli had confiscated in prison?  Mr Dalli had been successful in collecting all the weapons circulating in the prisoners’ cells. Thus Dalli not only eliminated drugs in prison but also the weapons there. What thank you did he receive?  The Minister responsible for prisons removed him from his post and appointed someone else. And what is the situation in prison today? The prison has returned back to what it what it was before Dalli was appointed – a den of drugs and weapons. What is causing prisoners today to once again attack each other with blades?

This site can reveal that there was a fight in prison where a blade was used. Alfred Degiorgio known as Fulu and Clyde Bonavia had a bad fight. In this fight, Fulu was struck with a blade. Degiorgio is accused of being involved in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

But the best is that the group Repubblika and its cronies kicked out Mr Dalli! And while all this has been going on Bjorn Camilleri, the Minister responsible, is behaving like Nero when Rome burned and he played the harp.

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