Joe Biden demanded that Ukraine expel the chief prosecutor because he was investigating him for corruption

I am reproducing two videos that expose the hypocrisy of American diplomacy and politics. These videos concern current president Joe Biden. Biden’s companies came under investigation by the chief Ukrainian prosecutor for corrupt practices and bribes. Biden’s reaction was to give Zelensky, the Ukrainian president an ultimatum to fire the chief prosecutor giving him six hours to comply with the USA’s request. If the president failed to do so, the USA  would stop its aid to Ukraine. Biden even called the Ukraine Chief Prosecutor a  ‘son of a bitch’.

In truth, when Joe Biden was elected president, the first thing he did was to stop supplying arms to Ukraine. It was former President Trump’s policy to help Ukraine arm itself. This was another sign for Putin to immediately realize that America was not behind Ukraine. Thus, he took his cue because he had the tacit endorsement to invade.

In fact, all invasions or military actions undertaken by Russia were all implemented when the Democrats had the presidency of the United States. Georgia was invaded in 2008. Obama promised help to the Georgians but then this failed to materialize in the eleventh hour. Crimea was taken into 2014. Obama was again president. Again, America failed to act in favour of Ukraine. Ukraine lost parts of its territory. Now it is the turn of Eastern Ukraine.

The invasion did not occur during Trump’s administration but is taking place now when another Democrat is president of the United States. Joe Biden is the same person the Ukrainian prosecutors accused of corruption running into millions.

It has now emerged that while Putin started the invasion of Ukraine, President Biden decided to pass his week in his holiday resort at Delaware! The Ukraine story is vindicating President Trump. As a result of this invasion, Germany has decided to start rearmament. She will now dedicate 2 percent of its GDP to her arm forces. This is what President Trump had demanded Markel to do.

Yet the USA of Joe Biden wants to dictate which countries are to be greylisted and which are not. America wants to teach us, Maltese, lessons on good governance and political honesty when it is a country being led by a president whose companies were being investigated for corrupt transactions in Ukraine running into millions, and one of the persons, who allegedly is behind all this, is today the President of the United States.

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