The digital ID via the microchip implant

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The Covid-19 pandemic is being used to push a hidden agenda aimed at imposing a tighter, top-down control, on our society, modelled after the Chinese Social Credit System. This was first described in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Report “The Lockstep Scenario”(

The modus operandi for this is by imposing a health passport ID system, via apps as a form of biometric identity card to monitor and control people’s freedom of movement and ability to access employment, education, and all kind of services. It is all part of a global digital identity system that will be compulsory to access anywhere and anything for those who will keep on taking the Covid-19 vaccine.  The European Commission has for now rolled its introduction via the European Digital ID wallet[1] which will “allow European citizens to safely save their documents and info in an app, not only their ID or driving licence but also medical records, bank cards or even university degree titles. This will make easier the way that people are being identified and any other process in any EU member country.”[2]

Also, as from January 2022, ‘a pilot study’ in the UK will see users wear wrist-worn devices so as to “generate personalised health recommendations, such as increasing their step-count, eating more fruit and vegetables and decreasing portion size.” In return, users will collect points for these healthy behaviours which will unlock rewards, like free gym passes and discounts.[3] This is a way to entice people to have a sip from the devil’s cup. After all, under the guise of Covid, it is being done for your health, right?

In reality, this is a preparation for the microchipping of the entire world population where microchips are, truly, tracking devices just beneath your hand. They “are essentially cylindrical bar codes that, when scanned, transmit a unique signal through a layer of skin. Mostly, they have been used to organize products or warehouses or identify livestock and stray pets, though there has been some human experimentation. In 1998, Kevin Warwick, a professor of cybernetics at Reading University, had a chip implanted in his hand both to demonstrate that it was possible, and as a way of exploring the transhumanist idea that fusing technology with the body is the next step in humanity’s evolution.”[4]

Time Magazine is already preparing us via its front page:

This is the media warning us that our assimilation will be mandatory. In fact, the EU will be proposing a microchips law, known as the European Chips Act in early February. However, Reuters[5] just focused on the microchip suppliers, while leaving out any mention as to whether these are the same microchips that will be used in humans and there is no mention either as to whether this law will make human microchipping mandatory.

On the contrary, published an article in December 2021 whereby stated that “Il-kumpanija “Epicenter”, li tinsab fi Stokkolma, qalet li kull min jagħżel li jkollu l-impjant tal-mikroċipp jista’ wara, jagħżel li jneħħih.” [6]. [The company ‘Epicenter’, found in Stockholm, stated that whoever chooses to have this microchip implant, can then choose to remove it.] But, Hannes Sjoblad, managing director of Dsruptive Subdermals, a Covid microchip developer, says “There’s no stopping roll-out: ‘Whether we like it or not!’”[7]

In my opinion, all this is pointing at a compulsory digital tagging of ordinary citizens in a digital dystopia via microchip implants and it fits very well into the narrative of ‘they want to track you’ conspiracy theories turned factual.

Since this scannable microchip that is implanted in people’s arms can display the COVID-19 vaccination status and is designed to be embedded into people’s arms so the vaccine passport pops up when scanned, what will this mean to the non-vaccinated who do not own a vaccine passport or for those who refuse to renew their certificate by a yearly covid vaccine? Will they completely be cut off from society? Will they be refused access to anything, including their bank accounts like what is happening in Argentina?[8]









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