The PN has become a woke party: here is the reason why.

Blog post by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

Yesterday Night@PN Election Rally, Dr. Martina Caruana Presidentessa of Riċerka Politika Partit Nazzjonalista presented her vision for the Nationalist Party. Without stating it, it was quite obvious that the PN has now become a woke party. Why am I stating this? Because she spoke about minorities without having the guts to specify which minorities a PN Government shall be ‘FIGHTING FOR’.

Indeed, whose noble cause is BerniePN solemnly proposing to defend to promote and even possibly champion? From the ‘political research’ history, I, unfortunately, have come to very personally witness and even experience of late within BerniePN and more particularly under her tenure serving in the said statutory party-post, these examples of minorities immediately and necessarily sprout to the fore of one’s mind:

A. Gender-neutral rearing Minority stands for those parents who culturally insist on not attributing a gender identity and role to their own offspring and from a tender age of their child’s early developmental milestones and schooling experience.

B. Liberal sex-education Minority by which it is understood imparting the promulgation of unrestricted school programmes on physical body functionality even as from far too early primary stages.

C. The PRO-CHOICE Minority. Gradually condescending and electorally saluting the all too well-known and vastly foreign-driven European Abortionist Lobby as it manifestly directs youth opinion locally.

D. The Economic migrant/ethnic diversity minority by which term it is meant the long-term foreign residents, sooner or later have become mainstream protagonists in Malta’s economic system and have come to garner progressively more important elector rights. The PN has tended to not only humanly reach out but bow down outright in order to compete for their voter preferences. While it is something noble to give rights to these human beings, the party should not look at them as simply vote-grabbing individuals.

E. The euthanasia/assisted suicide minority. It has become amply clear that by slowly, yet surely, incorporating a steady stream of opportunist liberals within its higher echelons, the PN has been progressively adjusting its Party basic principle mindset to attempt to start giving ethic-political credence to the inherent sentiment of this fast-expanding pressure-group.

This is in sharp contrast to what our party is supposedly still solemnly professing, which is written in blood in our illustrious traditional Nationalist Party hymn; ‘Ejjew għax Alla Magħna, Ejjew ħa nirbħu żgur ‘! Therefore, a party that is supposedly still obstinately manifesting a staunch, near diehard Pauline Spirit, ought to take note of the following quote from the letter of Paul to the Ephesians: ‘serve wholeheartedly as if you were serving the Lord, NOT decide to be a People-Pleaser’ (Paul, Ephesians 6:7). So dear Maltese electors, first-timers and old alike ‘Be on guard against all clever facsimiles’ (1 John 5:18). In other words, be aware of our woke researchers and policy advisers. 

The woke agenda is ruining the PN.

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