Doctors are not allowed to write vaccine exemptions to their patients

Blog post by Marica Micallef.

[Good morning.

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I suffer from a condition in my intestines, and I am under ongoing treatment. Certain food, medicine and vitamins are incompatible. My professor told me that there were others who did not have this condition but who started suffering from such post vaccine and virus ailments. In fact, one of the side effects that is listed on the Pfizer leaflet is diarrhoea. But he does not want to write a certificate for me {exemption certificate}. When he did in the past, Charmaine immediately intervened and stopped him. My general practitioner told me that he is afraid they would fire him. I called the health section and I was told to take it and that if something happens, they would provide the cure! Is it not enough that I get painful days because of this condition, throwing away food and medicine and then I must add this suffering! What kind of responsibility is this? What kind of doctors do we have?]

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