Who is Robert Aquilina, President of Repubblika?  

From a reader of this blog.

Having read many of his declarations that the media is only too happy to carry, I certainly have no wish to know him. But what leaves me dumbfounded is the ceaseless and senseless hatred that whenever this president – of an unspecified number of souls who share his same ideology – is interviewed or seeks attention, spews only blind hatred even when he is protesting.

Love in Malta on 26th January posted an article penned by Francesca Caruana that reflects this man’s lack of equanimity. He never ever comes up with anything interesting just hatred. Full of himself, Aquilina fails to realize how many laws he has actually been breaking by giving such interviews and posting hate-filled blogs without coming up with anything of substance except to regurgitate that same vicious hatred.

It is clear that he has nothing better or worthwhile to occupy his time other than to incite more and more hatred ad nauseam. Has he ever paused and asked himself who is actually buying his wares? Certainly, he is not selling them to me. To me, he comes across as a failed human being who cannot see beyond his nose except for the backing he shares with his counterparts in Brussels.  

He even wanted the PM to end the constant attacks on state institutions etc. 

Rule of law organisation Repubblika has called on prime minister Robert Abela to put an end to the constant attacks on state institutions by members of government.” (26th Jan 2022).

Frankly, this must be some kind of a sick joke because certainly we ordinary citizens are the ones who need protection from the senseless attacks and protests of the likes of Repubblika. But what lies behind this group running to the defence of state institutions being attacked by members of the government? It was odd. Even odder is the fact that Aquilina is not concerned about those he himself attacks mercilessly and without any acumen.  State institutions are perfectly capable of looking after themselves even when they are attacked by members of government or by activists like Repubblika. Perhaps Robert Aquilina could stick to just being the president of his activist group and leave us all in peace to get on with our lives and spare us his histrionics.   

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