A person who suffered from a post-vaccine injury was told by a doctor that it is useless to do medical certificates because exemptions wont be given

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[I took the two doses and after the second one, I ended up being taken to the emergency unit with an ambulance. I spent 6 hours there like an animal, to the extent that I had to leave. I went to a private doctor for a medical examination. I was told that what I had could be from the vaccine, but they did not offer me any solution. When the booster roll-out came about, I had to take it; both my hands are still numb. I talked to a doctor who told me that it is useless for him to do certificates because I won’t be accepted for an exemption. So, I had to take it by force since I work in certain sectors. Hence, is this right that I have either to keep on taking jabs that are procuring issues to my health, or else I end up unemployed without the possibility of going out of my home? They do not care about us]

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