A woman was coerced to take the vaccine even if her doctors advised her not to take it because of her health

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[You are not going to hear anything, and nothing is going to be done. I am one of those few who cannot take the vaccine because I suffer from a big allergy to a big amount of medicine. When I am in the hospital, I end up full of red stamps. I call the health department so that I am sure that this vaccine won’t be of any damage to me. Three doctors spoke to me and all of them told me not to take it. I called the family doctor who also told me not to take it. I sent an email to Charmaine Gauci and I received back an email that informs me that I should not have any excuse not to take it. Take the vaccine at Mater Dei so you are safe. When I asked her what can doctors do if the vaccine causes me harm, she replied that these are rare cases. Well, guess what am I? I am a rare case because in every operation I did, something happened to me, and I almost ended up losing my life twice – once due to anaesthetic and once due to morphine. They can do whatever they want because I won’t risk leaving 4 small children behind.]

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