The Blue Heroes are not happy with Metsola’s success

The information received is that the Blue Heroes are not too happy with Roberta Metsola’s success. To believe that this is linked to the fact that Metsola has now endorsed the abortion agenda is to be mistaken. Her rise to the top beats the abortion controversy. The discontent is to be linked far more to local politics because her new post increases her political importance. And it is here where the problem lies.

Metsola’s appointment coincided with the police searching Joseph Muscat’s home. Joseph Muscat accused one of the Blue Heroes of having had inside information days before the actual search was carried out. But it should be noted that the election date for the new President of the European parliament was known far in advance. Nonetheless, it appears that the decision to search Joseph Muscat’s home was taken in parallel or after the election date became public.

One may call all this a conspiracy theory. Whatever the case, Wednesday’s episode helped Labour deflect the political spotlight away from Roberta Metsola. Instead, the debate revolved around Joseph Muscat.

Even the PN fell into this trap or perhaps used it to give less importance to Metsola’s success. Instead of having its media concentrated on Metsola’s story, all the political propaganda was focused on Joseph Muscat and his alleged wrongdoing. Even the newspapers stopped referring to Metsola and turned their attention on the former prime minister.

What does all this mean? If Jason Azzopardi thinks that with his political declarations and actions he is helping the PN, not only is he wrong but he has actually managed to achieve the complete opposite effect. He is actually made the situation of the PN more desperate. His political sham and Facebook posts are helping Labour to consolidate its position. Had Azzopardi remained silent, there would not have been the disproportionate fuss about this house search and the institutions would have continued doing their job in peace and serenity. Instead, Jason Azzopardi’s mindless declarations have cast a shadow of doubt on the integrity of the magistrate in question and the police. Everyone within the PN perceives Joseph Muscat as corrupt. Even a section of the floating voter thinks on these same lines. But turning Wednesday’s event into a major happening killed all the good that Metsola’s election may have brought onto the local political scene. In fact, Roberta Metsola’s political success lasted less than 24 hours. This speaks volumes about those behind the political strategy of the Nationalist Party.

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