Another sad story where children’s electronic devices were confiscated by the police

After writing on the point raised by Joseph Muscat regarding the fact that the police took his children’s mobiles, a mother of three wrote to me to recount her dreadful experience. She too had her home searched by the police. The police carried out this search late at night in front of her children and ended up taking their computers. After a year, they have not yet been returned! What is even more sickening is that a section of the media, including that of the local Catholic Church, wrote articles in which it revealed the names of all three children. At the time, the youngest was just two years old and he too ended up, together with his siblings being portrayed as a sort of a criminal! This mother has even attached proof of all this. I cannot imagine how a two-year-old can have committed a crime! This only happens in Malta or some other gang-run countries! The media of the Catholic Church of Archbishop Scicluna had an orgy revealing mercilessly all details to its readers.

The story of this mother is being recounted below in her own words. She wishes to share it with my readers to show in what dictatorship state we are currently living! This happens when both the ministers of justice and the police are significantly absent or not focused on their work.

At the mother’s request, I have withheld her name to guarantee her anonymity. But she provided me with all the proof in support of her story.

Good morning Simon,

My partner was a director of an important company in Malta. Last year, the police came to search my house very late at night, requesting me to hand in all electronic devices, which I did. I would like to point out that I am not married to the person in question, hence, I was not on the list of persons whom the police requested to hand over all their electronic devices that night. However, I have children from this person who at the time were aged 11, 8, and 2. They were on the list and were being accused of having committed a crime!

The electronic equipment seized from my house, which I share with my partner, belonged to me and my children. After I handed over all the devices, the police searched all rooms including the bedroom in which my three children were watching a movie, as their night has been disrupted, opening drawers and looking around in front of them!

I thought that my devices would be handed back as soon as all the data would have been analysed and transferred for further investigation, but no. I spoke to a lawyer and he opened a case, explaining that these devices belonged to me and my children and that I desperately needed them because at that time some classes were being held online. 

To date, these devices have not been handed over to me! I cannot afford to replace them all and I feel devastated because there are minors involved and no one seems to care!

My children’s names including identity card numbers have been published on the local media, and The Malta Independent and Newsbook didn’t dare to remove them until I contacted the Commissioner for Children. I contacted her a year after all this has happened since the Police Commissioner said that the case of the leak was being investigated!

After one year of waiting and my children’s names popping up including the information about the case, I decided to contact the Commissioner for Children. After her intervention, they removed the information and although the assistant of the commissioner for children told me to report the case to the data commissioner, which I did, their reply was that after analysing the case, there couldn’t be a case against the media, as the data has been removed!

Rule of Law at the very best! Who cares about my children, they are just ordinary individuals.  HUMAN RIGHTS on paper are useless! EU and politicians, please take note. You are failing miserably!

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