Macron wants abortion and the Environment as European values: but the defence of nature is incompatible with abortion.

It was Pope Francis himself who rightly stated that abortion is not compatible with the environment. The pope made this point very clear in his encyclical Laudatio Si:

Since everything is connected, the defense of nature is not compatible with the justification of abortion either.” Pope Francis: LAUDATO SI’ .

This statement by Pope Francis achieves great importance in the light of French President Macron’s insistence that abortion and the protection of the environment should be made part of the European Charter of Human Rights. The local news media have reported that Roberta Metsola endorsed Macron’s position. It is clear that Roberta Metsola is subjugating herself to cross-party compromises from day one of her election as president of the European Parliament. For many, including Dr. Hermann Farrugia, Roberta Metsola’s position is tantamount to an instant sell-out of one’s moral convictions to the hounds. Metsola’s position came as a surprise to many in Malta – but not a surprise to some – who have been following her political path.

Fr. David Muscat was one of the few voices in Malta who had the guts to criticise Metsola for certain stands she took on moral issues. He had the courage to voice his dissenting opinion at a moment when Metsola was being pampered by the high prelates of our local Catholic Church.

Here is what Aleteia had to say about Macron’s position and the first reaction that his suggestion has provoked in France so far.

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