The virus is not going to be active during election day as those in quarantine are going to be allowed to go out to vote

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The government has decided to twist and bend the Covid-19 measures and send the virus, including the latest “frightening” Omicron which has put Christmas on hold and the businesses gasping for breath, for a holiday as we approach election time. This is because in preparing to hold an election during a pandemic, [in a true pandemic a small country like Malta would have lost one-third of its population by now], the electoral commission was contemplating of introducing “drive-through” polling booths so to allow people positive for Covid-19 to vote, so that no voter is “denied the right” to cast the vote![1]

People who test positive for Covid-19, will be reassigned to vote at one of these drive-through booths, instead of at a regular polling station. Times of Malta added that there “will have to be a cut-off date as to when someone declared positive can be reassigned to vote at one of these drive-through booths.”[2]

In a more recent article, Malta Today has added that this “proposal requires legislative changes” and that “agreement has been reached between the major political parties on the process to be adopted to ensure the safety of electoral workers while ensuring people’s right to vote is guaranteed.”

Chief Electoral Commissioner Joseph Camilleri told Malta Today that “the commission has presented the government with a set of amendments to the General Elections Act.”[3]

The questions that arise are:

So, are covid positive people now allowed to go out and drive when this wasn’t allowed before?

What about the asymptomatic voters? We were told that asymptomatic can transmit the virus without knowing.

Is the upcoming election another reason why the quarantine period was revised lately?

If we are still amid a surge of covid cases when the election is near, will the election be cancelled or postponed? I can bet from now, that when the election is near, the government will tell us that the situation is under control and stable and covid cases reported will be very low, just like now that Christmas is over, the media is reporting that we have fewer cases and more recoveries.

Do the voters have to present a vaccine certificate? Will the non-vaccinated be allowed to enter the polling booth? In other words, are the non-vaccinated eligible to vote?

Can the government tell us why is everyone eligible to vote (unless it dictates otherwise since so far no announcement has been made) but then not everyone is allowed to attend gyms, snack bars, and the like?

Two comments read:

[Stop it for a while. A clown of a country and who is leading think that we are real clowns. Since I am not good to go and drive my son and watch him play football until you allow them; since I am not good to eat with my bubble which is made up of three people including myself; since I cannot walk outside without a mask when I am alone, then I am not good to vote, neither on foot nor with my car. I have never been a puppet…

So, when quarantined, though negative, I couldn’t even go to the garage opposite me, but to vote it is ok!]

It seems that voting in a general election is a “fundamental right” that will also be made possible for those in quarantine. And then currently we have the MEA and the business lobby advocating that people should not be allowed to work unless they are vaccinated. Isn’t employment a fundamental right too, more important than an election?

This is ultimately a psychopathic, manipulative sick scenario but it can be used as a powerful tool by the citizens to send a very strong, powerful message to both parties! We, the people, are sovereign and this is the time we stop giving away and reclaim our sovereignty!




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