Triumphant political leaders will be those who restore civil liberties

A very interesting political article entitled The Curse of Covid: can any leader survive the pandemic? by Fraser Nelson was published today in the Daily Telegraph. In this article, Nelson shows that all world leaders are having problems remaining in power. Even though for some of the world leaders, elections are still far away, the Covid-19 measures are destined to have an impact on their performance in forthcoming elections.

Unfortunately, those political leaders who were against imposing restrictions during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic suffered the consequences of their stance from their electorate at the time, the infections from the pandemic were high in numbers. Nelson refers to the case of the Swedish Prime Minister. Even though, Sweden was one of the few countries that successfully showed the world that restrictions do not work still the electorate still found reasons to complain against their prime minister.,

Now, it is the turn of those politicians who made restrictions their political mantra. One of the biggest losers is American president Joe Biden. His support from the American public has plummeted. But what type of future is reserved for our politicians?  

Nelson makes the correct analysis which is the one that has been pushed and advocated by this site. Those politicians who were in opposition and were against the Health Authorities’ measures are destined to make headway in future elections. This can be corroborated with facts from the French Presidential campaign. Nelson does not refer to this but it proves his point. One of the French presidential candidates who was making headway was Eric Zemmour. He is a right-wing candidate who was attracting the electorate because of his extensive knowledge of history and his way of applying it to politics. Yet, he made a serious political mistake. He attacked the French anti-vaxxers, passing a very nasty comment in their regard. He immediately lost points among the young French electors and it seems that his comment is going to haunt him throughout the political campaign.

The prediction worldwide is that those political leaders who can convince their electorate that they are the ones capable of restoring the civil liberties that Covid-19 measures had restricted, will be those chosen by the electorate.

This is an interesting point for us in Malta, as in a few months’ time, we will be facing a general election. Irrespective of what the mainstream media states in support of the measures of our Health Authorities, more and more people will be questioning these measures and this will happen independently of their political allegiance.

Therefore, it is completely wrong for Malta’s mainstream media to try to ignore a political protest, as was the case recently in Valletta, or ridicule a group of protestors who on Monday marched from Floriana to Valletta. As I had the opportunity to write in my blogs, these protesters are gathering more support than Repubblika ever did. Unfortunately for Repubblika, due to its wholeheartedly support of the restrictive Covid-19 measures, it ceased to remain synonymous with civil liberties and became just another organization supporting measures of oppression. These measures were enacted to control citizens under the false premise that what was being done was for their benefit when, in truth, all these measures were based on bogus statistics and calculations and unproven scientific evidence.

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