A pregnant woman has been advised by her doctor not to take the booster

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[Good morning mummies,

So, I am pregnant, and my doctor doesn’t want me to take the booster during pregnancy!

So, does this mean that I cannot go anywhere (speaking in employment terms because I am self-employed) because I must take the booster by force? It is not fair that when one is pregnant, one must take it. At least they should accept a recommendation from a doctor, especially since one would have taken the two doses. Then obviously when everything is over, one takes the booster. I am talking in this way because there is still a lot of time left and we might possibly be better again in summer! So does this mean that I must stop from work since I do not have the booster certificate because my work consists of restaurants, churches, and parties {always if the situation is good and events start to take place}].

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