Accepting the boosters will put a whole nation in a webbed trap

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Comments from the non-vaccinated and double jabbed public are showing the anger which people are accumulating towards the government and the opposition party which has been silent and thus an accomplice with the government when it comes to Covid-19. These citizens are feeling pressured and cornered to take the booster:

[I am not vaccinated, and they prohibited me from visiting my mum in an elderly home. This is the biggest injustice in the world, and I will never forget it!! On election day I will stay at home like many will do. Because no two parties have pitied us.]

[I haven’t had the booster yet, and they have already sent for me twice!! If I don’t take it I won’t be able to go to an elderly home!!! If not, I have to take it by force, look what we have come to!! I am still with both my hands aching and taking medication daily. A doctor told me it could be from it {the vaccine} while another told me it’s not. All the best for these festivities.]

[We have no other choice other than taking it because they will prohibit us from seeing our loved ones. I don’t want to take the booster but when you have a loved one in a home, you will speak otherwise. The vaccine is causing me unexplainable pain in my bones. I even had to visit a dentist which pulled out 4 teeth in a span of 5 days, the first in my life! I am not ready to abandon my father who is in a home, since they got us to a Hitler style!!]

[It is the same for me. I do not want to take it {the booster} because I had problems with it {the vaccine} but the only hobby I have is to watch my son playing football and we have been told that we won’t be allowed in the ground and my son won’t be able to play football.]

I empathize with these people. What I can tell them is that a change is not brought about by complying because one cannot comply out of tyranny. The more people accept boosters, the more the subsequent new measures will become constringent. The more we choose acceptance, the harder it will be for us to get out of the webbed trap! Things are not happening all at once, but very slowly, diluted in a sugar-coated pill and by the time people will wake up, it might be too late.

We change the world by setting the pace to do what is morally right. We change the world by being a loving model. We change the world by fighting for our rights, for our loved ones, even if it means that we do so alone!

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