Our Government is acting like our Colonial masters when it comes to give exemptions to its people

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The story of Adam Ben, which I started discussing in a previous blog, has all the contortions, reminiscent of past colonial arrogance. Such arrogance results from the attitude that the Maltese Government and Health Authorities had evaluated his request.

Lovin Malta has published an article putting emphasis on the fact that Adam Ben has been denied exemption from the booster by the local health authorities,[1] which means that even though he is double jabbed, he will still be denied freedom of movement and other freedoms, since the local health authorities have shifted the goalpost of rights to those who take the booster. Those who don’t will have their unrenewable vaccine certificate valid for only three months, thus making them lose all the freedom that the same health authorities have promised them in the beginning, before the vaccine rollout!

I am not going to go through the whole medical history of Adam Ben, which one can find in the same article published by Lovin Malta. What has caught my attention is a screenshot whereby he speaks about his story (further below), and which were not published in the Lovin Malta article, are other bits and pieces which I will highlight while translating for the benefit of foreign readers:

Madanakollu ilni nipprova nġib exemption minn dożi oħra minn April l-għadda l-hawn.” [However, I have been trying to get an exemption from other doses from last April up till today.]

Why is there such a lengthy period? Doesn’t this mirror lack of efficiency in our local health authorities which are not treating these cases seriously? Are they putting the lives of these people on hold on purpose, so that they give up and go for the booster?

Tobba ħadd ma jrid verament jgħin.” [No doctor wants to help.]

In refusing to help, aren’t doctors breaking the Hippocratic oath, which, among other statements, states that they are to treat the ill to the best of one’s ability? Why are they giving their back to humanity? Aren’t they able to put into practice the learned scientific and medical knowledge they so blindly trust?

Issa mingħajr exemption (għax s’issa anaphylactic shock biss tkopri l-liġi Maltija) li kien għall-esperti li ma jemmnux nies bħali, niehu t-3 doża ħalli nkompli nitranġa għall-frisk”. [So, now without an exemption (because up till now the Maltese law covers only anaphylactic shock), if it were for the experts who don’t believe people like me, I should take the third dose, so I keep on worsening my condition.]

Well, firstly to be an expert signifies to have a certain kind of knowledge in an area. It doesn’t equal having the right frame of mind, spirit, and intuition to be guided differently. Secondly, with all the health conditions that exist nowadays [which are escaping the scientific demi-gold acclaimed by the governments], how come our law is this outdated?  Or is this legal coverage done on purpose so that no exemptions are granted for anything else?

UPDATE: Bgħatuli diġa li lanqas ser jikkunsidrawha li jagħtuni exemption għal li ġrali għax m’għandhomx ‘evidence’ mill-bqija tad-dinja.” [UPDATE: They have already replied – they won’t be even considering giving me an exemption for what has happened to me because they lack evidence from the rest of the world.]

What kind of reply is this? What kind of evidence should they have from the rest of the world? As if Pfizer or any vaccine company is going to send or publish evidence! As if governments or doctors are going to confirm side-effects! With such a reply, are the local health authorities shrugging responsibility off their shoulders?

If the latter is true, then why do the local health authorities act on their own accord in other matters like the fact that EU has asked Malta to clarify itself over the new vaccine travel policy which goes against the European rules, as Lovin Malta has informed us?[2] Aren’t we still a colony, then? Such replies show that “higher up” authorities are truly running a puppet show.

[1] https://lovinmalta.com/news/watch-denied-booster-exemption-despite-ear-harm-man-urges-charmaine-gauci-not-to-strip-him-of-social-rights/

[2] https://lovinmalta.com/lifestyle/health/covid-19/eu-seeks-clarity-from-malta-over-new-vaccine-travel-policy-which-goes-against-european-rules/

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