Three fully vaccinated families ended up all sick after taking the vaccine

Blog post by Marica Micallef

[We are friends with four families of four members each. Three families are fully vaccinated, and they are all sick!!! One of the daughters ended up looking like a zombie with black circles underneath her eyes. She is only 8! Isn’t it “funny” that it’s those vaccinated who are getting sick? Even the governor of California, Newsom, said most of the hospitalisations are fully vaccinated! This was yesterday on Live TV. What’s happening? Are the Maltese so blind not to realise what is happening? How strong is the brainwashing that has taken hold of you?  My cousin ended up in bed unable to even drive a car, he is 38, has neurological problems, vaccine injury. The same happened to a friend of my wife. She has been going to and out of hospital for 6 months after taking the vaccine. Her mother-in-law never recovered after the injection and died! When will you wake up?]

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