Sups with the Devil should have a long spoon

Blog post by Marica Micallef

We have not only witnessed protests being done locally against the draconian measures which were imposed on us under the guise of a pandemic, but several protests have occurred globally, with some turning violent.

The protests gather collectively those who know that something is wrong in this pandemic; those who are aware of what is ahead, which is far scarier than the virus itself; those who want to unplug themselves from the system; those who want to escape the 3D world we live in and ascend to a higher state of consciousness, of love, of 5D; those who have been injured by the Covid19 vaccine or those whose loved ones were taken away by the same vaccine.

In one of the worst outbreaks of violence in the Netherlands “since coronavirus restrictions were first imposed last year, rioters attacked the police and set fires on the streets of Rotterdam after a curfew came into force.”[1]  This protest was called “an orgy of violence” by the Dutch City’s mayor and it was a demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions. The police opened fire on protestors, injuring seven because apparently, they felt it “necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves” and thus they shot at them, injuring people.

In another protest in Brussels over coronavirus restrictions, police resorted to tear gas and water cannons against an estimate of 8,000 protesters. “By the afternoon, police called for the demonstration to be disbanded on Twitter and warned of arrests.”[2]

In one of the various protests done in Australia, which has had six lockdowns so far, “More than 200 people were arrested in Melbourne after demonstrators threw projectiles including golf balls, batteries, and bottles at police, injuring two officers.”[3] The police ended up firing rubber bullets to dispel the crowd of people.

In Rome, Italian police “used water cannons and tear gas” “to push back hundreds of people, including neo-fascist activists, demonstrating in Rome against a government drive to make the COVID-19 “Green Pass” mandatory for all workers.”[4]

In Kazakhstan, a two-week state of emergency has been declared after the country experienced days of protests over a rise in fuel prices [now, this is also related to Covid19 and a rise which came about under the guise of the pandemic] but which then also turned into anti-government riots. During these protests, protestors clashed with the police and stormed into government buildings. Thus, while accusing the protestors of “massive attacks on law enforcement”, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said “he would not tolerate further lawlessness” and thus, the people had their internet and mobile phone access cut.[5]  The President has also invited “troops from a Russian-headed military alliance of former Soviet states into Kazakhstan to restore order.”[6] Can political leaders deny internet access to their people?

The same President has now “given the order to law enforcement and the army to shoot to kill without warning” those “who don’t surrender”.[7] Does all this foreshadow further violent escalation in the conflict? Can this lead to another war?

The US is also monitoring these “peace-keeping” tactics.

If leaders resort to mandates to get people to comply with science, then both leaders and science are fake, right?

I understand the plea of these protestors. I understand they want to be a voice and I understand they want to bring a change. I am with them as I am not agreeing with any mandate that the governments are coming up with. I understand that we will see the rise of the people against their oppressive governments and bring about the fall of oppression.

My main concern is that the Cabal, who have studied people for years, have first created a crisis that made us stay at home. Now they have created situations [like the Covid measures and the spike in fuel prices] for outdoor riots. And when people protest, they are doing exactly what they have predicted, so they can say, “We must change the laws and take away the remaining freedoms because you are out of control”.

So will martial law, which usually accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, and habeas corpus, be imposed? Will it be imposed during these times of civil upheaval?

Doesn’t this mean that the people will be blamed while the governments will be regarded as acting under the guise of peace, in order to bring order out of chaos?

The solution remains in staying fearless and in a vibration of love. Only love kills them softly. And while we sup with the devil, we make sure to have a long spoon.








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