“We the unvaccinated are still waiting for an apology from Archbishop Charles Scicluna”

From a reader of this blog

The archbishop of Malta has asked for forgiveness for what Fr. David Muscat had written on his private Facebook page.


Will his grace ask for forgiveness for what his buddy, Fr. Joe Borg wrote on the official news portal of the church, wherein he demanded the ostracization of the unvaccinated? For those who have forgotten, below there is the beginning of the article by Fr. Borg demanding that the unvaccinated be denied admittance into our churches. I wish to remind the readers that the technical word used by the Roman Catholic – which Fr. Joe Borg avoided to use for obvious reasons – is interdiction or l-interdett as it is pronounced in Maltese. For those who have forgotten, this is what Fr. Joe Borg wrote and demanded against the unvaccinated.

Malta għandha trażżan “il-fabbriki tal-varjant”

Dawk li ma jitlaqqmux huma ta’ periklu għas-soċjetà

Minn Fr Joe Borg

Dawn periklu għas-soċjetà

Allura huwa ċar li dawk li ma jridux jivvaċċinaw huma ta’ periklu għas-soċjetà u għandhom jiġu trattati bħala nies ta’ periklu għas-soċjetà. Il-Gvern, il-Knisja, id-dinja tal-kummerċ  u l-oqsma kollha tas-soċjetà għandhom jagħmlu sforz kollettiv biex jipproteġu lis-soċjetà minn dawk li kapriċċjożament qed jipperikolawha.

We, the unvaccinated, are still waiting for an apology from his Grace the Archbishop for Fr. Borg’s article.

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