The local health authorities admit that vaccinated people are being hospitalised

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Times of Malta has published an article entitled “Majority of COVID patients in hospital are admitted for other reasons”. This was announced by Profs Charmaine Gauci who, in those funny series of “Ask Charmaine”, revealed that: “The majority of patients in hospital with COVID-19 were admitted for other reasons and only tested positive for the virus during routine tests” adding that “the number of patients with COVID-19 complications being admitted to hospital is actually decreasing”[1] 

Now while for some, this might mean a breath of fresh air and that the media has finally changed route and is now admitting that Covid is no longer the cause for taking people to hospital, and that thus there should be a return to “normality”, I have learned that whenever the media says a “story”, I must look at the other “story” that it is trying to distract me from. This means one must read between the lines. And this is where the questioning comes so that these same questions lead to the truth.

So, if we give Profs Gauci the benefit of the doubt and take this statement as being true, why did the same health authorities come with more restrictions while alarming and panicking a whole nation with the Omicron variant? I am sure the Maltese have realised that with so many people in quarantine, while others have allowed fear again to hold them hostage, this January has started on a slow note, especially for non-essential businesses. The answer here points to the booster. Once the majority would have taken the booster, the spike of cases we have seen lately would be a thing of the past and so, restrictions are eased.

Secondly, Profs Gauci does not disclose any information about the vaccination status of those hospitalised.

Thirdly, doesn’t this mean that the number of patients we have in hospital now are there due to vaccine complicated injuries, as various posts from local citizens have shown? Can Profs Gauci explain what are these “other reasons” for which people are being hospitalised?

All this reminds me of what Boris Johnson has said in late December while at a vaccination centre in Milton Keynes, Central England. In his speech, he urged the people to get the booster, saying “the overwhelming majority” of those currently going into intensive care in their hospitals have not had the booster jab, according to what doctors told him.[2] For me, this is a clear implication that those British in intensive care have been double jabbed. In Maltese we say, “jekk mhux ħmar, felu”. If they haven’t had the booster, then they must have had the first two doses. And surely, the British prime minister’s statement is another marketing tactic for the British to take the booster.

On the same note, Profs Gauci always resorted to marketing the booster, but on the contrary to Boris, she said that we have fewer hospitalisations because “it means the booster is having an effect.”

Finally, when Profs Gauci was “asked about children in hospital as some countries reported a spike in minors with complications”, she said “this is not yet the case in Malta.” So why are children being vaccinated then?

What a pity that we have come to such a state where humanity is being lied to. Yet, I am aware, that when something is a fabricated lie, the more it is repeated, the more consistency and transparency are nibbled away, and only then, will the True picture appear to the people.



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