Government statistics are confirming that the omicron variant has the symptoms of a simple flu

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A friend of mine has phoned the Virus helpline and after I don’t know how many calls, she succeeded to get connected. He was told that if she is feeling sick and does not afford to take a private PCR test, she should take Panadol pills and go to work.

This woman is double jabbed. Why was she told to take Panadols and go to work, if she was feeling sick? Is not Omicron a very dangerous airborne virus? Is this statement being told to anyone who is calling? Or is it told by some helpline workers but not by others? Is it a reply endorsed by the Health Authorities?

Since Times of Malta told us that “67% of new Covid-19 cases in Malta are Omicron variant”[1], with “two in every three virus cases” being that of the new variant, I presume that the majority of those quarantined and calling the helpline to tell them that they are feeling sick are suffering from the Omicron variant. Does this mean that these variant symptoms can be cured with Panadols, like the original Covid-19 virus? Does this mean that people with Omicron symptoms can report themselves to work like healthy citizens do because this virus is not dangerous? Could it be that this factor is what is mirroring the actual number of cases we have?


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