Time for the Health Ministry to stop bamboozling us with non-acceptable figures.

The Ministry of Health should just shut up and do its work efficiently and get on with it.  Feeding the press and the general public with countless figures that are insignificant insofar as the information is half-baked is irresponsible.

Let us take the figures published on 5th January 2022 as carried by Julian Bonnici in his article in LovIn Malta:

Malta has recorded 922 new COVID-19 cases and 409 recoveries over the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry has announced.

Does this statement mean that the 409 recoveries are part of the 922 or does the 409 belong to some other figure which is not being shown here? Clarity is paramount.  

Let us take the next sentence

Two patients, a 65-year-old male, and a 69-year-old female, died while positive with COVID-19.

What did these two patients die of in reality? ‘With covid’ implies that they were tested and found positive. As Fearne and his ministry well know anyone who has been double-jabbed or even triple-jabbed can be found Covid positive because the tests per se are not 100% full-proof. So (i) were these patients jabbed twice or thrice or unvaccinated? What has been written on the death certificate? Is it possible that everything is being written or passed on to the press is so superficial?

There are 121 patients currently being treated at Mater Dei Hospital, five of whom are in ITU.

What are these 121 patients currently being treated for? Are we expected to assume that they are all Covid patients on their deathbed? Have they been vaccinated x2 or even x3? In which case they are not on their deathbed. Unless they all have underlying sicknesses. Have they underlying illnesses or none at all and are there other reasons?

As for the 5 in ITU (which form part of the original 121 in the sentence) are they in ITU because of not having been jabbed the first time round? Have not taken the booster? Or are they anti-vaxxers and therefore caught the worse form of Covid?  Or again are there because of underlying health problems?  

It is all so vague and distressing for those who are truly vulnerable to read such shoddy material furnished by the Health Department. On the other hand, it is absolutely fantastic for the healthy young who have a dare-devilness thanks to their youth and go on to break the rules because they are alert enough to evaluate the absurdness of these communiques.

One wonders what the purpose of this health-mongering approach is. Certainly not to expand the market of treatments I should hope. Surely, as a consultant physician, Fearne knows better. Possibly, as a politician, he has to tow some line or other as decided by Cabinet or even superior power but surely not at the expense of the population’s well-being and peace of mind. Please stop treating us like simpletons.

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