It’s official – The Maltese are a super race

Blog post by Romegas

If we ever doubted it, now we can dispel all doubt – the Maltese are a superior race, and our Health Authority’s statistics which have the backing of ‘science’, prove it.

While in the USA’s, UK’s and EU’s respective vaccine adverse effects databases list thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of debilitating effects as a direct consequence of vaccination, apparently our authorities’ statistics report nothing – no deaths, no serious side-effects, nothing, xejn, zilch, nada. Indeed such is the lack of side effects registered, that apparently there is no need to even publicly host such a register if it even exists, whereby the public can query it and keep itself informed.

This is corroborated by our mainstream media – they too have reported no cases. This is odd, for while the media is extremely quick to pick up any post on social media that is critical of its holy cows, such as, for example, Fr. David’s Muscat’s criticism of homosexuality, it somehow misses the hundreds of Facebook comments posted by individuals complaining that either they themselves have had their health severely affected or are convinced that someone dear to them actually died as a consequence of vaccination. Now all this might be purely coincidental, and I might be imagining that this lack of investigation is purely accidental and not by design.

Likewise, while eminent virologists, epidemiologists, doctors, and scientists from all around the world, in spite of the unprecedented censorship and possible consequences for their careers, have still felt it important and moral to voice their concerns about how this whole pandemic has been managed, with many warning that the vaccine is more of a threat to long-term health than the disease itself and that its indiscriminate application may indeed cause chronic disabilities or even death in otherwise healthy individuals, our own doctors, with one notable exception that I know of, seem to be likewise oblivious to any ill-effects. Indeed that one notable doctor, who had the temerity to voice his informed opinion, was promptly labeled as an alarmist by his fellow professionals and some of them even urged the authorities to revoke his license to practise. Silly me, and I thought ‘Science’ was all about debate, observation, and above all falsifiability.

Furthermore, while eminent German pathologists have concluded that from the autopsies they performed on persons who died within fourteen days of being vaccinated that practically half of the deaths were as a direct consequence of the vaccine(1), it remains unclear whether our own pathologists have even ever bothered to perform any similar autopsies on anyone who died within weeks of vaccination.

Also conspicuous by their silence is the host of human rights lobbies and NGOs – usually super vocal of any imagined infringement of any minority special rights, they obviously see nothing wrong in the suspension of basic civic liberties, outright discrimination, and the not so subtle coercion for people to get vaccinated against their will.

All of this confirms that the Maltese are a superior race, and being such a superior race, one wonders, therefore, whether there was any need to vaccinate them at all.  Forgive me, this is not tongue-in-cheek, it is the logical conclusion based on the lack of effects recorded by our trusted institutions: the government, the media, the human rights lobby, and the medical profession. To conclude otherwise would make me a conspiracy theorist or there’s something akin to omerta being practiced by a Covid Mafia. God forbid that such a thought crosses my mind.


All images are taken from the US’s OPEN VAERS Website as of Dec. 24th 2021

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