We have lost our freedom

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The first major European country to require all workers, private and public, to show proof of vaccination or a negative rapid swab test before returning to offices, schools or hospitals is Italy. Employers can verify health passes on an app.[1]  With unvaccinated Italians taking a swab test every 48 hours to go to work or school, for an average family of four, that is €60 every 48 hours, €960 a month. So, Italy is effectively enforcing a vaccine mandate by making PCR tests unaffordable for the average working-class family. Under these new rules, those who do not have a vaccine certificate, must take unpaid leave. Employers are responsible for verifying the certificates. Workers risk fines of up to €1,500 for not complying.

But Italian legislators did not stop here. They have made vaccination mandatory for all Italians over the age of fifty.

As of February 1st, the jab is compulsory in Austria. Under the bill, anyone who refuses to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment after two official requests from the Austrian authorities would face a fine of €3600 or 4 weeks in prison. The fine would increase to €7200 for those who had already been fined twice for violating the vaccination requirement. [2]

If we have to carry a card in our pocket (or pass on the phone or a microchip under our skin) proving that we injected a drug into our body to gain access to workplaces or to freely move about in society, then we no longer live in a free country and we are no longer sovereign over our own body.

Was this health pass introduced as a form of biometric identity card to monitor and control people’s freedom of movement and ability to access education, employment, and all types of services? Is it a way of surveillance?  Will it become a global digital identity system that will become compulsory to work and go anywhere?

While mandatory vaccination will keep on generating massive profits for Big Pharma corporations which have 100% legal immunity for all injuries and deaths, the mandate will also, through fines and costly swab tests, paralyse the economy more and be one of the many factors that will continue generating the Great Reset. It seems clear to me that the world is becoming a prison state, with wilful slavery, under the guise of a pandemic.

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/15/world/europe/italy-vaccination-law-covid.html

[2] https://summit.news/2021/11/30/unvaccinated-austrians-face-prison-time-huge-fines-for-non-compliance/

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