Rumour has it that MP Silvio Grixti was forced to resign

That the Labourite MP., Dr. Silvio Grixti, was liked among Labourites is well known.  But there are those who have corrected me when I wrote that Grixti was loved by Labourites. I was told that not only was he loved by Labourites but also by Nationalists because he serves and helps everybody.

Hence, many Labourites are querying how the Labour Party did not go the defence of Dr. Silvio Grixti? After all, the accusation against him, which was that he signed false health certificates, did not really hold. In the past, there have been many similar cases against doctors who were members of parliament. But these doctors never resigned nor were they forced to resign. Therefore, why did Dr. Silvio Grixi resign?

The cry amongst Labourites is that Grixti did not resign. He was obliged or coerced to resign by the Prime Minister. He used the story of medical certificates as an excuse to have the opportunity to nominate someone else. Nothing new here. But what is being said in the Labourite camp is that this attack on Silvio Grixti was not prompted by the Opposition but by Castile. It was someone in Castile who coordinated this manoeuvre for this story to appear in the media and thus add pressure on Labour Deputy Silvio Grixti.

There are those who have even gone so far as to allege that the Prime Minister himself put pressure on Grixti that should he not resign, he would suffer the consequences! This site has been told that these are the same tactics adopted against Dr. Etienne Grech who also was obliged to resign from Parliament. But in this case, the version was different. We were told that he had resigned for personal reasons.  

Moreover, we are also told that Dr. Silvio Grixti’s income from Transport Malta was stopped after Dr. Robert Abela became Prime Minister. Yet remuneration to others, including deputies, was not stopped.

What can be said is that the media informed us that Dr. Grixti is on police bail. However, following his resignation nothing more has been said about this police case. His story has died a natural death. Therefore, it is important that the Prime Minister comes clean on all this. If not,  he is preparing his own downfall and the end of the Labour Party he is leading. This is not going to happen tomorrow, but the seeds have been sown. “He who has ears, let him hear.” (Matthew, 13.9).

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