Will Malta introduce mandatory vaccination?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Malta Daily has put up a poll on its Facebook page asking if employees should show vaccine certificates to enter certain workplaces. What sort of media is this that continues to fuel the two-tier society which the government has created? Isn’t the ban of the unvaccinated from certain places already discriminatory enough? Employment is a fundamental human right.

Can the media explain its ulterior motive behind this poll? Is it preparing the Maltese public for what is coming? Is this media aware of the responsibility it is carrying? What will happen to non-vaccinated employees? Will they lose their jobs like those employees at the supermarket chain ALDI, which will be fired if they don’t present proof of vaccination by March 22nd?[1][2]

Will Malta endorse the “no jab, no job” liberal mantra[3]? I would like to remind the public again that Dr. Fearne had ruled out mandatory vaccination[4], but will employers be indirectly encouraged to do so with their employees?

Some countries have already mandated this while others will see that this mandate becomes effective as from this year. Here is a list of some of the countries that are going to make vaccines mandatory:

Croatia: all public sector employees.[5]

Czech Republic: police officers, soldiers, and some other professions.[6]

Denmark: workplaces are allowed to require a digital vaccine certificate for employees.

France: public officials, civil security pilots, flight personnel, soldiers permanently assigned to civil security missions, and firefighters.

Hungary: all employees at state institution.[7]

Latvia: lawmakers to be able to vote and to receive full pay; businesses allowed to fire unvaccinated workers[8] 

Poland: teachers, security personnel, and uniformed services.

Russia: workers with public-facing roles in Moscow.[9]

Tunisia: officials, employees, and visitors accessing public and private administrations.[10] 

Turkey: some sectors including teachers and domestic travel employees.[11]

Ukraine: public sector employees including teachers[12]; extension to medical personnel and municipal employees under consideration.[13]

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