Predictions made on this site about the French elections are being echoed in the international news.

When Valerie Pecresse was elected as one of the candidates for the upcoming French Presidential election come April, this site published articles stating that this female candidate has the potential to challenge Emanuel Macron for the presidency. In other words, with Macron, Valerie Pecresse would be the candidate who garnishes the highest number of votes in the first term and thus she will be the one to make it to the second term of the French Presidential elections.

The Daily Telegraph UK has published an article in the past days stating that Valerie Pecresse will be challenging Macron. The reading of this authoritative English newspaper is the same as that made by this site and also by the political commentator of French affairs, Dr. Hermann Farrugia.

Macron has now to face a strong candidate who has turned French nationalism into an electable political platform. Valerie Pecresse made headlines when, as one of the candidates on the right of the French political spectrum, she challenged the decision of the French administration to replace the French tricolor flag beneath the Arc de Triomphe in Paris with the European Union Flag.

The French Government said that the French flag was replaced on 1st January to mark the beginning of the French Presidency of the European Union. But after the scanting criticism from all the right candidates for the French presidential election, the European flag was removed prompting the French government to justify its action by stating that replacing the French national flag with the European flag was a temporary measure for just two days, to mark the start of the French presidency of the European Union on the 1st January 2022. Government officials insisted that there was never a thought that the EU flag should replace permanently the French flag beneath the Arc de Triomphe.

In itself, this controversy marks the strong sense of Nationalism that is pervading French politics. The support that the right candidates are garnishing with the French electorate is impressive and conservative thought will be making a comeback in politics with a big bang. One of the candidates of the right will be making it to the second term of the French presidential elections, and the chances are that for the first time in her history, France will have a woman as president.

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