Is Dr. Fearne still of the opinion that mandatory vaccination is to be ruled out?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Times of Malta has recently published an article, written by lawyer Dr. Mark Said, entitled “How lawful is mandatory vaccination[1]?” This is a topic that has already been dealt with way back in April of 2021 by this media portal and site[2], at a time when warning the public that Covid-19 will lead, among many other factors, to mandatory vaccination was seen as far fetched hypothesis.

In a nutshell, the important points of this article are:

The government cannot mandate something that lacks legitimacy. Can vaccinations that are still in the experimental stage be made mandatory? So, why do we have a growing number of countries coercing their citizens to take vaccines?

Times of Malta reported that the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has “asked authorities to be clear and offer support to employers mandating vaccination for employees in direct contact with customers or with several other employees,” adding that “Employers need to be supported in mandating vaccines on the basis of a risk assessment” while blaming the non-vaccinated by stating that “People who are fully vaccinated are significantly less likely to be seriously sick and less likely to spread the virus. Therefore, those who are refusing to be vaccinated are exposing their workplace to higher risk.”[3]

How can the government force the vaccines on all employees when the same health authorities are refusing to disclose the true figures of those who actually died from Covid-19 and those who died as a consequence of Covid-19, having other serious illnesses. Moreover, the authorities have not yet disclosed the ingredients of the vaccine while the corporate multi-billion deal between Big Pharma the EU is being kept secret.

On the other hand, Dr. Franco Debono openly wrote on his timeline:

[I am not against the vaccine. I am in favour of liberty.  Who wants to take it, can take it; who doesn’t want to take it, doesn’t have to.

If the government will slowly take the road of mandatory vaccination, it is mistaken.

Since the rollout of the vaccine, there was a spike in numbers which more than doubled. If hospitalised persons’ number got lower, it doesn’t necessarily point to the vaccine. It could be that the current variant is less cruel. Could it be that since millions of people around the world got infected, the immunity increased thanks to the virus itself?

If you are going to tell me that we have fewer hospitalisations thanks to the vaccine, then my question is ‘so how come that the number of cases doubled?’

Leave people in liberty – who wants to take it, takes it; who doesn’t, doesn’t. I am not against the vaccine. I am in favour of freedom.

But now you are mistaken if you think that you can make good for this Babylon that you have created thanks to your pathetic restrictions, by obliging everyone to pay for your mistakes and chaos.]

I would truly want to see more lawyers, like Dr. Debono speaking up and helping lawyers like Dr. Ragonesi, Dr. Borg, and Dr. Micallef Figallo who are in charge of the constitutional case against Covid-19 restrictions[4].

To conclude, I remind Dr. Fearne that in a conference at the beginning of December 2021, he had ruled out mandatory vaccinations. This was reported by Newsbook:

Asked whether he can guarantee that vaccinations do not become mandatory as they have in other countries such as Austria, the health minister said given the high vaccination rates in Malta there was no need to make them mandatory.[5]

Considering that during this same conference, Fearne had indicated that no measures will be introduced in the coming days, only to break this promise a few days later with the latest restrictions, I would like to ask Dr. Fearne if he intends to break the mandatory vaccination promise or if he intends to keep it and follow WHO’s advice which has cautioned against mandatory vaccination and that it should be a last resort.[6][7]








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