Is the Prime Minister honest in his insistence on having all children vaccinated?

Yesterday, the Prime Minister, Robert Abela addressed the nation. The media stated that his priories are two: the elimination of hate speech and addressing environmental issues. But there is another priority for this government that of giving the anti-covid jab to children. It is interesting to ask why this was not listed as one of the prime minister’s priorities for 2022.

The impression is that the Prime Minister is not totally convinced about the need to administer or force the jab on children. One may counter this argument by saying that the Prime Minister and his wife took their daughter to be vaccinated. But many are reading in this decision, which was all over the media, a political stand rather than a personal conviction. In other words, it was just a political facade.

In other words, he took such an approach because he is either weak or afraid to state what he truly believes in public with the result that he is letting himself being dragged into the fray of making the electorate believe that he is all in favour of having children vaccinated. For sure, he does not want to make another political gaffe as when he stated that the war on covid was won when in actual fact it wasn’t or when he said that the waves are in the sea – il-mewġ fil-baħar qiegħed!

Many believe that the Prime Minister is not in resonance with Minister Chris Fearne on the Covid measures but Abela is weak to give any standing to his beliefs. This makes it more important for journalists to ask him direct questions on the vaccination of children. His comments need to be put in the spotlight. The evidence is very clear. Children do not need a vaccine. The risks outweigh the benefits. They can be harmful to children. In America, high-profile politicians are starting to make their voices heard and are making public statements against the forced vaccination of children.

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